Metal Stud Partitions

Metal Stud Partitioning is an economical system used for the assembly of metal frames for non-loadbearing partitons. The design of the partitions ensures high strength and easy installation methods and are suitable for domestic and commercial use. The systems are lightweight, versatile, cost effective and are able to achieve high levels of acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire resistance.

Why Metal Stud Partitions?
Lightweight, versatile and quick to install
Achieves Rw40dB national Building Regulations Part E requirements
Choice of 450mm stud centres (without noggins) or 900mm centres (with noggins)
Fast-track alternative to timber stud
Satisfies BS 5234 strength and robustness
Requirements to Medium Duty
30 minutes fire resistance
Accommodates services through pre-cut apertures
Single layer sound-resisting lining

Some of the systems we use

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