Toilet Cubicles

Complete Interior Refurbishments

All our washroom and cubicle systems are manufactured using Formica Brand Laminates. Our systems are designed to offer a number of practical and aesthetic options. Post-formed or square edged details are available with a choice of core materials to suit individual requirements.

Formica Compact Laminate is designed for the toughest of environments. Manufactured with a solid core, constructed from multiple layers of quality Kraft papers impregnated with resins and with two decorative surfaces for cubicle construction, it is impressively strong, durable and has remarkable structural stability.

Ideal for high moisture and high humidity areas, the unique solid core properties prevent peeling and cracking and make the product easy to clean, with no special precautions required for either high pressure cleaners or more abrasive cleaning agents. Designed for more robust environments, Formica Compact Laminate is ideal for high traffic areas where durability and strong visual appeal are essential.

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